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Visit to the Legislative Council Complex

In the morning of 13 April 2019, our EMYA members visited the Legislative Council Complex at Tamar and learn more about the role and the contributions of EMSD at the Legislative Council Complex.

During the visit, colleagues from EMSD led our E&M ambassadors to the Video Corner and briefed some history of the Legislative Council, as well as the official use of the complex building since 2011. Our EMYA members then visited the facilities of the Legislative Council, including the Education Galleries for a closer look of the Chamber. Furthermore, there was a precious chance for our ambassadors to go into the Control Zone and visit the Central Air-conditioning Chiller Plant, which is the core part of the air-conditioning system for the Central Government Offices and the Legislative Council Complex. Due to the broad coverage of the air conditioning system, the most important duty of EMSD is to maintain the air-conditioning operation and to check closely on the dust net so as to ensure the normal operation of the air-conditioning system. Our ambassadors also visited the LegCo Garden and the Solar Power system too.

Through this visit, our EMYA members understood more on the work of EMSD in Hong Kong.

The colleague from EMSD introduced the air-conditioning system at the Legislative Council Complex A group photo of EMYA members and our EMSD colleagues inside the Legislative Council Complex
A group photo of EMYA members and our EMSD colleagues in the LegCo Garden


EMYA Visit – Construction Innovation & Technology Application Centre (CITAC)

In the morning of March 16, E&M Young Ambassadors visited the Construction Innovation & Technology Application Centre (CITAC) of Construction Industry Council (CIC).

The CITAC was established in November 2017 with an aim to introduce world-class construction technologies, which will eventually bring in greater productivity, sustainability, and safety to the construction industry.

The CITAC’s inaugural exhibition is divided into five different thematic zones, namely “Industrialization”, “Informatization”, “Intelligentization”, “Integration” and “Infinity”. The current exhibition has more than 30 construction innovations on display.

At the visit, tour guides from the CITAC showed our EMYA ambassadors how to apply innovative technology to the construction site. Our members had a chance to try the virtual reality (VR) exhibit and experienced the works at construction sites without going out to the actual site by themselves. All of them enjoyed the VR project.

It was a valuable experience for our ambassadors to learn during the visit, both in terms of enriching their knowledge in the construction industry as well as in the application of innovation and technologies.

If you are interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, please click the link below for registration: https://emya.emsd.gov.hk/registration.aspx. You are most welcome to join our educational visits after becoming an E&M Young Ambassador.

EMYA members experienced different construction jobs through virtual reality at the Centre The tour guide of CITAC introduced the application of innovative technology in the construction industry to our Young Ambassadors
The tour guide of CITAC introduced the application of innovative technology in the construction industry to our Young Ambassadors


Green Carnival 2019 – EMYA Member Recruitment

The Green Council had organized the Green Carnival 2019 at Kowloon Park on 20 January 2019. Different sectors and government departments were invited to take part in the event; the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department was one of them. The organizer had prepared game booths, singing and dancing performances, as well as Chinese lion dances, eco-friendly creative model design competition for all visitors and participants. Joy, laughter, and excitement had never stopped throughout the event.

The aim of our booth was to promote low-carbon, clean recycling and green living to the public. We also introduced and explained the Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme to participants. The initial phase of Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme has fully implemented since 9 November 2009. It covers room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances, and compact fluorescent lamps. The second phase of MEELS has been implemented on 19 September 2011. It extends the coverage to two more electrical products, namely washing machines and dehumidifiers. The third phase of MEELS has commenced from 1 June 2018. It further extends the coverage to televisions, storage type electric water heaters, induction cookers.

Back to the carnival, our publicity officers actively introduced the Electrical and Mechanical Youth Ambassador Programme (EMYA) and its regular events such as quiz games, seminars, outdoor visits, and annual gatherings to our young people.

Our young people had spent a wonderful Sunday together. We are hoping that there will be more opportunities in the future which we could deliver the message of E&M safety, energy efficiency, and E&M engineering to different communities.

Parents and children play games together and learn about the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme at the EMSD game booth. Parents are assisting their children to register as out EMYA members.


EMYA’s Visit to Tsing Ma Control Area and Lantau Link Viewing Platform

Our EMYA members visited the Tsing Ma Control Area’s administrative building and the Lantau Link Viewing Platform on December. Throughout the visit, our ambassadors and their parents had learned a lot about EMSD’s service in the control area.

The first part of the visit was to attend a briefing session conducted by EMSD’s Boundary Crossing. It was about the facilities in Tsing Ma Control Area such as tunnel lighting systems, tunnel ventilation systems, traffic control and monitoring system as well as the role of EMSD in Tsing Ma Control Area. During this section, both our EMYA members and parents showed their interest in every equipment and different systems. The ambassadors and their parents had benefited a lot during interaction with the speaker and our colleagues

After the briefing session, participants were led to the maintenance workshop where the Jet Fan and large ventilation equipment were located. The on-site operator mechanics and colleagues from the Boundary Crossing Facilities and Transport Service Division introduced different parts of the Jet Fan and their functions.

Our EMYA members and their parents went to the control room of the Tsing Ma Control Area, the "brain" of the Tsing Ma Control Area, to get to know the traffic control system in the Tsing Ma Control Area. The on-site operators supervisor explained the functions of the control room in detail, including managing accidents, distributing accurate information to the driver, improving road safety, and implementing traffic control strategies quickly and efficiently.

The last stop of the event was to visit the Lantau Link Viewing Platform. Our ambassadors and their parents could enjoy the picturesque view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Kap Shui Mun Bridge, and the Ting Kau Bridge. Participants had learned a lot about the design and construction process there.

The road operation of the Tsing Ma Control Area could not remain its efficiency without their great effort and profession of our colleagues. We would like to express our gratitude to the colleagues of the Boundary Crossing Facilities and Transport Service Division for their hospitality and support to our visiting event through this platform.

The operator mechanic’s introduced the functions of the Jet Fan to participants. The operator supervisor of the control room explained the road monitoring system in the control room in detail.
Photo with the operator site supervisor and colleagues of our Department in the control room of the Tsing Ma Control Area.


Sha Tin Fire Safety Carnival 2018 - EMYA Member Recruitment

Sha Tin District Fire Safety Committee had organized the Fire Safety Carnival in Sha Tin Fire Station on December 2 as a part of the Sha Tin Festival 2018. In order to publicize the message of fire safety and increase the awareness of fire prevention of the public of all ages, the organizer had prepared a series of fire safety educational activities at the Carnival. For examples, variety show, fun and vibrant game stalls, fire drill demonstration, display of fire services appliances and equipment, and fire safety exhibition.

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) was also invited to take part at the Carnival by holding a booth to promote the energy conservation to participants. Our publicity officers also actively introduced the Electrical and Mechanical Youth Ambassador (EMYA) Programme and recruited members at the booth. We had recruited over 100 new members at the Carnival.

Parents are assisting their children to register as out EMYA members. The EMSD booth has attracted a lot of visitors.


Recruitment of EMYA members at Eco Expo Asia 2018

The Eco Expo Asia 2018 was held from October 25 to 28. The last day of the Expo was open to the general public. Many primary and secondary school students came to the EMSD’s game booth. In addition to the energy efficiency and conservation content, young people were introduced the E&M Young Ambassador Programme.

Once becoming member, an EMYA student could participate in activities organized by EMSD, such as quiz games, seminars, outdoor visits, and annual gatherings. We will keep in touch with our young people, hoping to empower them to help promote E&M safety, energy efficiency, and E&M engineering in the community through the monthly newsletters and regular visits.

Our staff is assisting the students to apply as EMYA members. On the Public Day of the Expo, many students are visiting EMSD’s booth.


Recruitment of EMYA members at CLP Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Day 2018

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited has invited the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) to help organize the Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Day 2018 at CLP Black Point Power Station. CLP has been hosting this event for many years, targeting CLP staff and their families, with an aim to provide them with a relaxing and enjoyable family fun day.

EMSD was invited to set up a game booth to raise awareness of energy saving among participants. In addition to the booth games, we had promoted the E&M Young Ambassador Programme and recruited some new members on SHE Day.

Although it was a rainy day, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. While queueing up for EMSD’s booth game, young people were introduced the E&M Young Ambassador Programme. The visitors generally considered the activities interesting and that they could learn beyond the textbooks indeed. We look forward to empowering young people to help promote E&M safety, energy efficiency and E&M engineering in the community.

Our staff is assisting students to apply as our EMYA members. Many participants queued at EMSD’s game booth.


EMYA Visit - WEEE · PARK — 7th September, 2018

EMYA arranged a visit on September 7 to WEEE · Park in Tuen Mun for our E&M ambassadors. WEEE · Park, a new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) treatment and has recycling facility, is located in EcoPark and started service in March this year. It is the place where waste is turned into resources under the promotion of The Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on WEEE by the government.

On the day of visit, our EMYA members were introduced the operation flow, duties and facilities in WEEE · PARK. They moved to the viewing promenade to observe WEEE which were transported to treatment facilities for recycling process. The WEEE · Park guide also shared with our Ambassadors the harm brought by WEEE to the environment as harmful materials such as lead, mercury and greenhouse gas are contained in WEEE. Turning waste into resources by recycling was also introduced to our ambassadors. There are four processing lines which are refrigerator processing line, air-conditioner processing line, dismantling and material sorting line and CRT detoxification line. All our Ambassadors gained understanding on WEEE recycling process in Hong Kong.

We hope that the visit had enhanced the consciousness of our Ambassadors to protect the environment and treasure our electrical and electronic resources.

If you are interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, please click the link for registration:
You are most welcome to join our educational visits after becoming an E&M Young Ambassador

Introducing WEEE · Park
E&M Ambassadors visiting the WEEE factory E&M Ambassadors learning more about recycle of electrical and electronic equipment


EMYA’s Corner at The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU) and the Government Employees Association - 2rd September, 2018

The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU) and the Government Employees Association organized carnival on 2 September 2018 in ShaTin Park.

Activities included games, singing and dancing performance and handicraft workshops, which attract lots of citizens. Our E&M Young Ambassador Programme had stationed in the park to assist young people register as our EMYA members too.

Member recruitment New members registrating
EMYA’s corner


EMYA Visit - T·PARK — 20th August, 2018

EMYA arranged a tour visit on August 20 to T · PARK in Tuen Mun for E&M ambassadors. T · PARK is a self-sustained sludge treatment complex which was designed for “waste-to-energy”, desalination and producing reclaimed water. It started service in 2013.

On the day of the visit, our ambassadors firstly came to the hall for watching the video of introducing T · PARK. Then, they followed the guide to the educational exhibition area which displayed different stages of the sludge treatment. The guide explained what is sludge and the quantity of sludge discharged in Hong Kong. Incineration process takes place for treating sludge. The heat energy is generated during the process which is recovered and turned into electricity. Meanwhile, 90% of the original sludge volume is reduced.

The guide introduced the operation of T · PARK and showed the sludge transport vehicles to the ambassadors. In addition, the guide explained how fumes from sludge are dissolved and taught about how to distinguish between acid fumes and alkali fumes. Other than that, they gained more understanding on the differences between stage 1 and stage 2 sludge.

Our ambassadors then came to a small room to watch a video about the operation of “fluidized bed” incineration. They learnt how the heat energy, which is released by the incineration process, is effectively used inside T · PARK. As for water in T · PARK, they come from the nearby sea bay and which is desalinated. 600 cubic meters of fresh water are produced per day for drinking and facility use. The guide shared with our ambassadors about the technical procedures of desalination and also how T · PARK used reclaimed water for self-sufficiency and fulfilled the promise of “zero effluent discharge”.

Our ambassadors then observed different technical installation models compatible with detail introduction, for instance, the 1:1 big scale sludge grabber, reverse osmosis and so on.

We sincerely thank T · PARK for delivering such this educational visit. We hope that the visit could enhance the consciousness of our ambassadors to protect the environment and treasure our water resources.

If you are interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, please click the link for registration:
You are most welcome to join our educational visits after becoming an E&M Young Ambassador

Ambassadors are watching a video about the operation of “fluidized bed” incineration Ambassadors are learning about using reclaimed water
The guide is introducing the 1:1 big scale sludge grabber model to our ambassadors


EMYA Visit – Education Path of Civil Aviation Department - 17th August, 2018

EMYA arranged a tour visit on August 17 to the education path of Civil Aviation Department (CAD) for E&M ambassadors. The official establishment of CAD, for the vigorous development of civil aviation, was in 1946. The new headquarter, which included the education path, was constructed in 2012.

On the day of the visit, the guide introduced the operation of Hong Kong International Airport and the responsibilities of CAD such as maintaining safety and effective aviation system. Our ambassadors were interested in the images of the airport printed on the floor.

Our ambassadors walked along the education path to view the building models of CAD. They gained more understanding of CAD from the introduction by the guide. They also got to know about the history of Hong Kong, which was transformed from a fishing village to a leading aviation hub in the world. In addition, some black and white photos with their information were shown and that included Kai Tak Airport which was located in Kowloon City in the past with its operation introduction.

The guide also talked about the security supervision on the operation of aviation by CAD such as the established flight standards and security standards for local aviation companies and the license issued for the airport. Meanwhile, CAD also worked on reducing the noise from aircrafts. After that, our ambassadors viewed a big map with which the guide introduced the role of Hong Kong as being a leading aviation hub in the world where about 100 aviation companies land. Different flight models of different aviation companies were displayed for impressing the ambassadors and they were also very willing to learn.

Our ambassadors then went up to the second floor for visiting the introduction of airplane. The guide explained the function of Black Box, Radar and sector controllers. There were many civil flight cabin simulations and pilot control areas. With the patient explanation by the guide, our ambassadors had an unforgettable experience there.

We sincerely thank Civil Aviation Department (CAD) for delivery such a pleasant educational visit. We hope that the visit could enhance the knowledge of our ambassadors on aviation development history in Hong Kong. If you are interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, please click the link for registration:
You are most welcome to join our educational visits after becoming an E&M Young Ambassador

The guide explained the scheduled-flying routes of the local airlines Ambassadors are imitating the airplane landing process
Group photo in the lobby of Civil Aviation Department


EMYA Visit - The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) — 16th August, 2018

Towngas is another widely used source of energy in Hong Kong citizens’ everyday lives.

In the afternoon of 16 August 2018, an EMYA ambassador joined a regular gas inspection carried by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) under the monitoring of two EMSD inspectors, Mr. CHAN Chi Kong and Mr. Michael KAN, from EMSD’s Gas Standards Office.

Upon arriving at the entrance of a private estate in Siu Sai Wan, a sizable stainless-steel Governor Kiosk at the side corner on the access road was noticed. The Towngas technician swing opened the two doors to the sides and there situated a set of Gas governors which, according to Mr. KAN, is typically composed of an active governor, a monitoring governor, indicated chart recorder and gas pipes. Gas governors are essential for the safety and reliability of the gas supply system as they regulate the gas pressure by different installation to switch lower, from intermediate (700 to 240KPa) to medium pressure (240 to 7.5KPa), then switch to a lower optimum level (<7.5KPa), when supplying gas to individual buildings, the gas pressure would be switch to appropriate level (<2.0KPa).

Traditional governors is usually larger in size and sometimes visually intrusive, but over the years thanks to the huge engineering efforts of specialists the units now could even be hidden underground to save street space thus become virtually invisible.

However, pedestrians can still grasp an idea of what unseen by observing the colour of the rectangular-shape manhole covers found on the walkways. Yellow-painted one denotes medium pressure pipes while half-yellow ones are low pressure pipes; those underneath the red manhole covers are designed with drainage features. Improvement is also made on the material of the pipe with which iron is replaced by more durable Polyethylene (PE) plastic to reduce the possibility of corrosion. To ascertain the safety and reliability of gas pumping process, every 10 years inner pipes are cleansed by running through a Pigging with blades and censors to collect data along the way.

Our Ambassador listened very attentively to Mr. CHAN who remarked apart from daily inspection, the Gas Standards Office’s scope of work also includes gas incident investigation, approval of gas installations and domestic appliances as well as public education of gas safety.

A typical set of towngas governor comprises an active governor, a monitoring governor, indicated chart recorder and gas pipes. Every kiosk is assigned a number and the towngas company can control the supply of gas in case of emergency for the sake of public safety.
Gas inspector Mr. Chan explained the situation and operation of towngas supply in Hong Kong


EMYA Visit - Hong Kong Electric’s (HKE) — 14th August, 2018

On a morning with Strong Wind Signal no. 3 in force, two EMYA Ambassadors joined EMSD’s Electrical Inspectors in a joint inspection with Hong Kong Electric’s (HKE) technicians in a public housing estate located in Eastern District and a private residential building in Wanchai on 14 August 2018.

Every domestic household or C&I unit is installed with a power meter to record the level of energy consumption. Application for supply of electricity must be made with one of the two power companies in Hong Kong. Trained or registered professionals will then do the installation and testing, during which EMSD staff will take a spot or scheduled check onsite to ensure the procedures are complied with the statutory operational and safety requirements.

Arriving at Siu Sai Wan Estate, the team reached the meter room at one of the floors of a block which is usually locked up to prevent from unauthorised access. The room houses all arrayed power meters on that entire floor with each main device connecting to only one designated household or user.

The HKE technician firstly put on safety gears including helmet, eye masks and insulated gloves as stipulated before proceeding with a series of steps back and forth at the meter room and inside the flat. Throughout the process EMSD inspectors monitor closely and take photos for record where necessary.

The electricity tariff is calculated based on the readings shown on the meter. In the past, the readings were recorded manually by power company staff on monthly visit. Nowadays, data record can be automatically transmitted to the database at better efficiency and accuracy.

Senior Electrical Inspector Mr. Lam and Electrical Inspector Mr. Yip generously shared with two young people much of the expertise knowledge and even personal experience in finding a related career path. Both EMYA ambassadors highly rated the visit in getting them to understand the actual operation of power meter installation application and the role of EMSD in electrical inspection.

Wearing safety gears including helmet, eye masks and insulated gloves is an essential safety requirement during operation
Old (Left) and new (Right) power meter Senior Electrical Inspector Mr. Lam and two EMYA ambassadors


EMYA Visit - Shatin Sewage Treatment Works — 9th August, 2018

EMYA arranged a tour visit on August 9 to MTR Gallery for the E&M Ambassadors. On the day of the visit, the stationmaster led the ambassadors visit the the station master office and the station control office where they were introduced the responsibilities, the history and the facilities. Afterwards, the stationmaster led the ambassadors visit the in-town check-in counter in Kowloon station and introduced to them about the check-in service process and information which was needed to be aware. The luggage security system of the Airport Express was also introduced to the ambassadors. After that, the ambassadors came to the platform for observing the Airport Express train and the stationmaster explained to them on the design of the train.

The MTR guides the ambassadors visit the MTR Gallery. Different types of train tickets, which were sold in different period, were shown on the external wall of MTR Gallery for people to take photos. The guides particularly introduced some special commemorative train tickets such as the ticket which was only sold on the open day of MTR in 1979. Besides, some 3D drawings were set next to the ticket display board, which for the ambassadors having fun and taking photos with them.

Inside the MTR Gallery, all train models in different ages were displayed with the information boards. The guides illustrated their development one by one. Moreover, an interesting video explained the MTR history, which caught attention of the ambassadors. Some computer games also let the ambassadors understand the MTR services while having fun.

The most impressive display in the MTR Gallery was the 1:1 scale train model. Our Ambassadors could feel like going back in time to experience as being in the old train. The guides also explained the design in detail to let them know the progress of train development.

Other than that, the MTR Gallery displayed black and white photos of the old MTR, staff uniform in the past, old posters and so on which made the ambassadors open their eyes and witnessed years which MTR went through with Hong Kong people all the way.

The visit has enhanced the knowledge of our Ambassadors on Hong Kong railway development history.

If you are interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, please click the link below for registration:
You are most welcome to join our educational visits after becoming an E&M Young Ambassador

Senior Engineer Mr. Yip and three EMYA members conducting field visit at Tai Wai Station The existing platforms have to be reinforced to ensure the sturdiness prior to installing the Platform Edge Doors
Senior Engineer Mr. Yip and three EMYA members conducting field visit at Tai Wai Station Senior Engineer Mr. Yip and three EMYA members conducting field visit at Tai Wai Station


EMYA Visit - KCR Tai Wai Station — August 8th, 2018

On a sunny day of 8 August 2018, a field study was organized by EMSD for our EMYA members who are interested in the mass transport system in Hong Kong.

Tai Wai station is an interchange station on the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line. Under the planning, all carrying capacities of 4 branch lines – originally varying from 4-car to 12-car configuration - will be aligned into a standard specification of 8-car fleets in phases (except East Rail Line with an additional First-class compartment) via re-allocation, retrofitting or new purchase.

In preparation for the transition, works such as construction of extended platform, setting up of signal system, and installation of automatic Platform Edge Doors (PED) etc. have to be carefully designed and could be carried out only within the extremely tight 2-hour timeframe every late night between all trains stop service after mid-night and regular check before dawn, bringing the least interruption.

Mr. Yip explained the most common two types of platforms are Island platform and Side platform, where trains run in the directions of “Left Up Right Down” with the only exception of Tuen Ma Line which goes the opposite ways, in corresponding with the existing design of Tai Wai station under East Rail Line. For the safety sake, half-height PED measuring 1.7m tall have been in place, and to ensure the sturdiness any existing platforms had to be reinforced prior to installing the new doors, he added.

The group then went on a ride of two stops and arrived Sun Tin Wai Station. Mr. Yip showed the ways to differentiate the newly built from existing platforms, variation of appearance amongst country of origins where the trains are manufactured, as well as that of interior designs.

The high temperature in the afternoon did not deter the enthusiastic E&M ambassadors from bringing up lots of questions and discussion. They were curious about switching of rail tracks, load voltage, diversion of passenger as a result of changes in number of car and commonly seen special devices etc. Responded with Mr. Yip’s professional and detailed illustration, they all found this field trip informative and full of fun.

EMSD is the regulatory authority on railway safety in Hong Kong. The Railways Branch strives to oversee and monitors the operation of the railway system in providing safe journeys for everyday commuters.

Senior Engineer Mr. Yip and three EMYA members conducting field visit at Tai Wai Station The existing platforms have to be reinforced to ensure the sturdiness prior to installing the Platform Edge Doors


EMYA Visit - “ElectriCity” of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited — August 3rd, 2018

Electricity is a necessity in our everyday modern lives. On 3 August, EMYA arranged a tour to the CLP Power Hong Kong Limited’s (CLP) “ElectriCity” visitor centre at Castle Peak Power Station in Tuen Mun to explore the energy world.

Running on a diversified fuel mix such as coal, natural gas and ultra-low-sulphur diesel, CLP currently operates three power plants located in Castle Peak and Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen, and another in Penny’s Bay of Lantau Island which provide daily electricity supply for domestic uses covering across Kowloon, New Territories and most of the Outlying Islands in Hong Kong.

The Castle Peak plant is a coal-fired power station. The use of coal has enabled the access of reliable and affordable electricity, despite its relatively high level of GHGs emission including carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). The Black Point power plants primary uses natural gas sourcing from the West-East Gas Pipeline from Mainland China, which offers good reliability, lower extent of emission despite at significantly higher generation cost. With technological innovations, the feasibility of extracting natural gas offshore by ocean vessels would be observed, in hoping of reducing dependence on Mainland China as the main source of gas supply. Lastly Penny's Bay Power Station serves to be a backup facility in the generating system in emergency case of short-term demand spikes or supply interruptions during peak times.

After having a grasp of some basic concepts, our E&M Ambassadors moved to outdoor to look at the Coal Mill. The equipment is one of the major installations in the power generation process that grinds the coal into smaller pieces for better burning efficiency; the coal powder would next be combusted by boilers to produce steam heat as high as 540 degrees. Its high pressure manages to spin the turbines and generate electricity via the generator unit as a result, ready for local consumption via transmission by power grids. The by-product coal ashes coming out of the transportation process would be recovered for making construction materials at the nearby cement plant.

Hydro technology is also applied to store energy by on one side pumping water from a lower to an upper reservoir. In reverse, the stored energy can then be retrieved by running the hydro units from high towards low as generators, with their output available to the grid system at peak demand.

At the end of the tour, our E&M ambassadors expressed their interest in understanding the power issues.

We can always enjoy the easy lives that instant power offers at our finger tips. Behind the scene in fact it is even beyond the complicated process, cutting-edge technology and huge costs to make it work, therefore every one of us should conserve energy resources and be green as far as we can.

Mr. Patrick Chan of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited guiding the tour for EMYA participants E&M Ambassadors like the games in visitor center
Through playing games to know more about electronic theory E&M Ambassadors found the visit informative and fun


EMYA Visit - Shatin Sewage Treatment Works — 25th July, 2018

EMYA arranged a tour visit on July 25 to Shatin Sewage Treatment Works for 16 E&M ambassadors. There are 67 Sewage Treatment Works in total currently under the rule of Drainage Services Department handling 2.8 million cubic meters of sewage per day. Two of them, which are located in Shatin and Stanley respectively, possess the second level treatment installation, while the one in Shatin is in the biggest scale.

On the day of the visit, the guide led the ambassadors to visit the primary sedimentation tank and introduced the responsibilities and the history of Drainage Services Department. After that, ambassadors were led to visit the aeration basin and the final sedimentation tank where the guide introduced to them the sources of sewage in Hong Kong. The main source of it is from the daily lives of Hong Kong citizens such as bathing, dining and so on. Moreover, the five different sewage treatments, which includes primary treatment, CEPT treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment and sludge treatment, were introduced to the ambassadors for getting more familiar with the working situation of Sewage Treatment Works.

Then, the ambassadors came to Water Reclamation Information Centre to gain understanding of the pilot scheme of water reclamation, including the use of the reclaimed water such as feeding fishes, irrigation, flushing etc.

Lastly, the guide educated the ambassadors to minimize the production of sewage and advised them to save water in daily life. Distinguishing between drainage and storm drain was also taught for avoiding sewage being discharged into storm drain, which pollutes the environment.

We sincerely thank Shatin Sewage Treatment Works for arranging such an excellent educational visit. We hope that the visit could enhance the consciousness of our ambassadors to treasure our water resources.

If getting interested in our E&M Young Ambassador programme, welcome to click the link below for registration:
You are welcome to join our educational visits as being an E&M Young Ambassador

Ambassadors are participating in watching educational video, which is about water reclamation Ambassadors are learning how to distinguish between drainage and storm drain
Group photo in front of “Water Reclamation Information Centre”  


EMYA’s Corner at DCS Open Day—May 19, 2018

In celebration of EMSD’s 70th Anniversary, as well as promoting energy efficiency of the district cooling system (DCS), EMSD collaborated with the Kai Tak DCS Operator, organized the very first Open Day at Kai Tak DCS on 19 May 2018. The opening ceremony was officiated by the Secretary for the Environment, Mr. K. S. WONG, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr. Alfred SIT and the Operator’s representative, Mr. Chris CHONG.

There were game booths with the theme of EMSD’s regulatory services and energy efficiency on the Open Day. Guide tours around the DCS plant were arranged too. At this event, EMYA had recruited over 100 new members. We Welcome our young people to participant in more in our future events!

Members recruitment New members registrating


E&M Young Ambassador Annual Gathering – 5th April, 2018

On April 5th, EMSD organized the first “E&M Young Ambassador Annual Gathering” to express our gratitude to EMYA members for their active participation in our activities and their support to EMSD over the past years. The event attracted a total of more than 150 participants, including our EMYA members, their relatives and friends. It was a fantastic gathering for us to review the wonderful memories throughout the past years and to look into the future development of EMYA programme.

The Annual Gathering started by the welcome speech delivered by Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr. Alfred Sit. He shared with fellow young ambassadors his previous working experiences in the electrical and mechanical industry, and encouraged those who are interested in entering this field to keep their effort for the opportunities ahead. Following the welcome speech, our engineer Mr. Leo Wong reported to the ambassadors the past activities and introduced the future development goals of the EMYA programme. We also played the EMSD 70th anniversary video “Enchanted Moment” for the audience and everyone has gained more understanding of EMSD history and its work after watching the video.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of EMSD, we organized the "EM70 Poster Design Competition" and invited our young ambassadors to join this meaningful competition. During the gathering, our Director presented certificates and prizes to all winners. After the prize presentation ceremony, we also invited the winning teams of the “Gerontech Youth Challenge.” and their teachers to participant in a sharing session, which was a golden opportunity for them to share with other young ambassadors the creative ideas and inspirations behind their award-winning entries. Our Director greatly appreciated the creativity of the winning teams as well as their caring heart for the elderly. He also encouraged students to seize each and every opportunity to work in the E&M industry so as to contribute to our community.

After the formal gathering, we arranged a game session "E&M Orienteering" for our ambassadors. They had to look for various green facilities in the EMSD headquarter according to the hints given and answer the questions posted in the corresponding locations. This game gave all participants an opportunity to explore the energy-saving facilities all around the EMSD headquarter, which has deepened their understanding of our Department.

With our ambassadors successfully answered the questions and received a variety of souvenirs, the event ended with everyone in high spirits. The photos of the event can be viewed here.

Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr. Alfred Sit, is delivering the welcome speech Our Director is interacting with the winning teams of “Gerontech Youth Challenge”.
Everyone is having fun in “E&M Orienteering”.

The winners of E&M 70th Anniversary Poster Competition are as follow:


Gold Award Silver Award Bronze Award Merit Award


Gold Award Silver Award Bronze Award Merit Award

Group Voice — April 4, 2018
An Encounter between EMYA Members and Mr. Wong Kam-sing

With a view to celebrate the grand new opening of EMSD Gallery and the Children’s Day, EMSD organized two guided tours and specially invited EMYA members to join the tours on April 4.

First of all, EMYA members followed the tour guides to the brand new EMSD Gallery in which they could learn the history, development and daily work of EMSD through a wide range of exhibits. The gallery visit has enabled our members to understand that the services of EMSD are closely related to the daily life of the general public. Coincidentally, they were very fortunate to encounter Mr. Wong Kam-sing, the Secretary for the Environment, who was also browsing in the gallery. He graciously talked to our members and invited them to play the Kinect games together. It was a valuable experience for our ambassadors to have such great interactions with Mr. Wong Kam-sing.

The tour guide then introduced the large-scale solar photovoltaic panel system located at the rooftop of EMSD headquarters, and explained the principle and the benefits of using solar panels to produce electricity. In order to reduce construction waste and uplift the spirit of sustainable development, the former Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal 2 at Kai Tak Airport was converted into EMSD headquarters starting from 2002. Furthermore, to reduce energy consumption in lighting and air-conditioning, a lot of energy-saving facilities such as solar photovoltaic panels, sun pipes and double glazing windows were installed one after another in our headquarters. The tour has inspired the ambassadors that even an old building could be renovated as a brand-new green building through the strategy of revitalization to achieve energy-efficiency.

After visiting the green facilities in headquarters, the tour guides led our young ambassadors to the Technology Centre on the first floor to participant in a talk on energy efficiency and conservation. During the talk, everyone grasped the opportunity to actively ask the speaker questions. The talk has strengthened our ambassadors’ understanding of the development of renewable energy, green technology as well as the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Finally, the event came to a successful end followed by the intriguing talk.

Mr. Wong Kam-sing, the Secretary for the Environment, and Mr. Sit Wing-hang, the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department,
are interacting with the young ambassadors in EMSD Gallery.
Mr. Wong Kam-sing and the ambassadors found the exhibits in the gallery very entertaining.
Kinect games are popular among teenagers in the gallery. The tour guide is introducing the solar photovoltaic panel system at the rooftop of our headquarters.
The ambassadors are attentively listening to the talk on energy efficiency and conservation.  


“Smart People Video Contest”

Web organic is organizing a “Smart People Video Contest”, for details, please refer to this link (Chinese Only).


EMYA Visit – MTR Kowloon Bay Depot 29th December, 2017

Railway safety is one of the major projects of EMSD. The Railways Branch under EMSD is the regulatory authority on railway safety in Hong Kong. It is responsible for regulating and monitoring railway systems operated by the MTR Corporation Limited. EMYA arranged a visit to the MTR Kowloon Bay Depot on 29 December, 2017, in order to enhance our ambassadors’ knowledge on Hong Kong railways and EMSD’s work. The visit was well received as it has given a chance for our ambassadors to take an inside look at MTR’s operations, facilities and dedicated professional staff at work.

9 MTR depots have been set up to satisfy the demand of the 11-line transit network in Hong Kong. MTR Kowloon Bay Depot provides a base for the 1,500 volt DC electric multiple unit (EMU) trains operating on Kwun Tong Line. Apart from the train maintenance facilities, Kowloon Bay Depot also houses the Operations Training Centre, the central warehouse and staff facilities. That day, the tour guide brought our ambassadors to the maintenance workshop and the control centre, which allowed them to closely observe the professional staff at work. The tour guide also introduced various maintenance facilities for stabling, cleaning, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as cranes and jacking facilities for replacement of heavy equipment. It has provided our ambassadors with a better understanding of the daily depot operations and maintenance works.

We were also honoured to have invited EMSD’s senior engineer Mr. Yip Wai Leung to deliver a talk on “railway regulation”. He provided us with detailed information on the planning and management of Hong Kong railways. This valuable visit has not only enabled our ambassadors to recognize MTR’s efforts in providing excellent public transport services, but has also enhanced their understanding of EMSD’s work.

Group photo in MTR Kowloon Bay Depot Mr. Yip Wai Leung, senior engineer in EMSD, is delivering a talk on “railway regulation”


EMYA Visit - Towngas Headquarters - 4th November, 2017

Founded in 1862, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) was the first gas utility company in Hong Kong. It currently supplies gas to 1.9 million Hong Kong households. Mr. Tang led our EMYA ambassadors to explore Towngas Headquarters located in North Point on 4 November, 2017.

Mr. Tang first played a video introducing the history, operation and development of Towngas, then guided us to the “Grid Control Centre” and let Mr.Wong Yau King to explain its daily operation. A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) is used to monitor the gas pressure of the gas pipeline network in Hong Kong, which stretches over 3,500 km. When the gas pressure is too high or low, it will automatically send out the alarm signal to prevent accidents. The duty engineers will also rely on the Grid Control system to estimate the usage of towngas in each day to ensure sufficient amount of gas is supplied to public.

After visiting the customer service centre, we continue our exploration at the Hall of Innovation where displayed a lot of creative inventions by Towngas engineers that help improve the gas supply service. Riser Inspection Quadcopter was one of the creations that impressed our ambassadors a lot. It is a remote-controlled drone equipped with high definition camera and flammable gas sensor that flies from ground to roof for checking condition of the gas riser. This device eliminates the need of inspection at height and minimises the risks of falling objects and fire hazards.

We sincerely thank Towngas for organizing such an interesting visit, and we hope our fellow Ambassadors find the visit fruitful.

Towngas docent, Mr. Wong, is explaining the operation of “Grid Control Centre”. Our little Ambassador shown keen interest in exhibits inside the “Green Kitchen”.
Towngas docent, Mr. Lee, is demonstrating how to control the Riser Inspection Quadcopter. Group photo in “Hall of Innovation”.


“New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition and STEM Carnival

Only Chinese version is available.

Please click here for Chinese version.


EMYA Visit - Castle Peak Power Station 11th August, 2017

The three power stations in Hong Kong are located in Castle Peak, Lung Kwu Tan and Penny’s Bay. Among three of them, Castle Peak commences its service the earliest and provides the public with the highest power generation. On August 11, we arranged a trip to The Castle Peak Power Station, which is recognized as one of the world’s cleanest coal-fired power plants and has been promoting emissions reduction measures to protect the environment for many years.

On the day of the tour, the tour guide from CLP first introduced the power generation process at “ElectriCity” exhibition hall, which gave us a better understanding of how CLP supplies electricity to the public. Ambassadors then continued their visit to the turbine hall. The turbines driven by hot steam from boiling hot water can generate huge amount of electricity while spinning. Most of our ambassadors were very interested in those large machines and they were busy taking a lot of photos.

Finally, CLP organized a bus tour for us so that ambassadors had the opportunity to see most of the facilities at Castle Peak Power Station, such as coal storage, turbines, oil tanks and natural gas pipes. Undoubtedly, it was an eye-opening experience for all ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are obsessed with this “Power Supply” game
Tour Guide is introducing the desulphurization and nitrogen oxide emissions control equipment Group photo in front of “ElectriCity”


EMYA Visit - Hong Kong Observatory 4th August, 2017

Hong Kong Observatory was established in 1833 and it has been providing services for more than 130 years. It is responsible for forecasting weather, monitoring radiation and reporting the latest weather news to the public.

EMYA arranged a tour visit to Hong Kong Observatory headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui for E&M ambassadors on August 4. We were honored to have Mr. Sham Fu-Cheung, the Chief Experimental Officer, to deliver a talk on climate change and which helped deepen our ambassadors’ awareness of the global warming issue.

After the excellent talk, we continued to visit the Exhibition Hall to watch the weather forecasting processes and various models of instruments used in the Hong Kong Observatory. Mr. Sham also taught us how to classify tropical cyclone signal marks and transmit those important weather news to the fishermen.

We sincerely thank the Hong Kong Observatory for arranging such an excellent educational visit. We hope that the visit could enhance our ambassadors’ concern about climate change and arouse their interest to meteorology.

Mr. Sham Fu-Cheung is delivering a talk on climate change Ambassadors are listening to Mr. Sham Fu-Cheung
Group photo in front of the main entrance


EMYA Visit - Zero Carbon Building 29th July, 2017

Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) was built by the Construction Industry Council in cooperation with the HKSAR Government in 2012. ZCB has attracted much attention in recent years because it can achieve energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gases emissions. As EMYA aims to promote the concept of eco-building design, we arranged a tour to ZCB located in east Kowloon on July 29.

There are four open areas in ZCB, including “Climate Change”, “Smart City”, “Sustainable Building Environment” and “Intelligent Life and Healthy Living”. The tour guides started the visit by educating visitors about climate change, showing how ZCB combined technologies and renewable energy to achieve energy efficiency. They also explained to us how the “Urban Native Woodland” works in ZCB. With 220 native trees of over 40 different species and diverse array of native shrubs, the woodland can decidedly improve air quality and promote biodiversity.

We sincerely thank the staff of ZCB for sharing with us a lot of daily energy-saving tips which greatly inspired us to implement a low-carbon lifestyle after the visit.

Group photo in ZCB


EMYA Visit - T-Park 13th July, 2017

T-Park is a sludge and sewage treatment facility with no external supply of water and electricity. Since it would be great for our ambassadors to learn the concept of “Waste-to-energy”, we had organized this year’s first EMYA summer activity—visit to T-Park on 13 July.

The tour covered two main themes: “Sludge Treatment” and “Sewage Treatment” in T-Park. The tour guide proudly presented their advanced thermal technology which is known as fluidized bed incineration for sludge treatment. It could significantly reduce the landfill load. Huge amount of electricity will be generated during the operation of fluidized bed, which provides sufficient power for daily operation at T-Park.

As mentioned before, T-Park is self-sufficient in water supply. A desalination plant is used to purify seawater from Deep Bay to provide potable water. As T-Park aims to achieve “Zero effluent discharge”, all wastewater will be collected, treated and reused on-site for irrigation, flushing and cleansing purposes. It is the best example of T-Park’s practice of “Waste-to-energy”.

We sincerely thank T-Park for arranging such a meaningful tour, inspiriting us to understand the infinite possibilities of sustainable development. We also thank all EMYA members for their participation.

Our ambassadors are watching a video clip introducing T-Park The Big Grabber in this photo can hold 5 tons of sludge
Group photo in T-Park


Genotech Youth Challenge :「樂學易學,長幼齊編程活動」 4th-7th July, 2017

“Genotech Youth Challenge” competition is another major event following “Genotech and Innovation Expo cum Summit”. It encourages teenagers and the general public to come up with innovative ideas to promote smart living environment and integration of the young and old generations.

In order to raise awareness of elderly living conditions, the participants were invited to visit the elderly service centers on July 4, 6 and 7. It was our pleasure to have a Microsoft officer to teach us a computer lesson. Under her guidance, the young participants were given opportunities to become mentors to teach the elderly how to play a popular computer online game called “Minecraft”. Everyone also had much fun in the lesson.

It was a valuable experience for our ambassadors to learn how to interact with aged and to understand their needs. We sincerely thank students for their support to our activities.

4 July, 2017: The lesson is about to start E&M Ambassadors and the elderly
4 July, 2017: Group photo at Mongkok Kai-Fong Association Limited Chan Hing Social Service Centre. 7 July, 2017: Kowloon Chamber of Commerce at Mong Kok The speaker is talking about the advantages of learning programming
Ambassadors interact well with the elderly 7th July, 2017: The Salvation Army in Tai Wai Ambassadors are teaching the elderly how to play “Minecraft”


“Genotech and Innovation Expo cum Summit” 15th - 17th July, 2017

“Genotech and Innovation Expo cum Summit” was a three-day event which has successfully attracted more than 43,000 visitors. It greatly shows that there has been much concern in our society about the population aging problem in Hong Kong, and we are craving to see how technologies and science can help solve it.

Researchers found that Hong Kong’s ageing population problem is getting worse and the proportion of the elderly population in our community is expected to rise from 17% to 31% over the next two decades. Thus, the demand for elderly services will increase significantly. We believe that science and technology are the keys to tackling this problem.

The summit was held by the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Hong Kong Science and Technology Convention at Hong Kong Exhibition Center. There are three main themes, namely “Hong Elderly”; “Capacity for Activities and Community Co-operation” and “Innovative Digital Technology”. The summit had a range of activities to encourage participants to explore how innovation and technology can improve the quality of life of the elderly. For example, “Simulated Senior Sports Kit” and “Virtual Reality Activities” provided teenagers with opportunities to wear Elderly Simulation Suits and Virtual Reality glasses to imitate an 80 year old’s physical and mental conditions. It was an interesting way for them to experience daily lives from older adults’ perspectives.

A number of Elderly Technology Expo booths showcase our last R&D projects such as Carry Down Stair Aid, Robotic Walker, mechanical legs and Autoalert, promoting the use of technology to improve the living of the elderly. The summit also invited some experts and corporate leaders from various countries to deliver speeches on how technologies can be used to enhance the quality of life in Hong Kong.

A long queue at “Fun Zone” Students can put on VR glasses to have a special adventure!


Gerontech Youth Challenge

EMSD is co-organising with the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) “Gerontech Youth Challenge,” a competition which encourages teenagers and members of the public to come up with innovative ideas and E&M technology to promote smart living environment and community well-being. Click here for more information (Chinese Only).

Competition Poster (Click to enlarge)


EMYA Visit Cathay City 3 Sep 2016

On 3 September, 30 EMYA members visited Cathay City, the largest headquarter of Cathay Pacific Airline in Asia. Under the guidance of Ms. Wang, our ambassadors visited the Flight Training Centre, Cabin Crew Lounge, and mock-up counters and cabin etc.

Ms. Wang first introduced the history and the current operation of the airline, as well as the recently implemented environmental policy that encourages the reduction of food waste and the use of electronic boarding pass to save paper.

After the briefing, Ms. Wang accompanied our ambassadors to visit the Boeing 777 mock-up cockpit that works on a 24-hour basis. Our ambassadors were curious if there is the need for the mock-up cockpit to operate 24 hours a day; Ms. Wang thus explained that training and examination would be scheduled at midnight to let pilots familiarize themselves with long-haul flight.

Followed by the visit to mock-up check-in counter and cabin, ambassadors were very attentive to Ms. Wang’s explanation and they raised some questions on seats assignment, baggage check-in, and even arrangement for pets. They were also very excited, pretending working as ground staff and taking photos around the mock-up check-in counter. The mock-up cabin is an imitation of that of an A330-300 airbus, where ambassadors also found much fun inside the cabin. They took photos and buckled up, acting as if the flight is going to depart. Ms. Wang particularly reminded that the meal cart could be as heavy as 100 pounds and thus passengers should be aware of flight safety and should not run during the distribution of meal.

Ambassadors then visited Cabin Crew Lounge. There are tables where pilots discuss the coming flight, and also a rest area for cabin crews. The Lounge links to emigration counters limited to crews.

We thank Cathay Pacific for organising such an interesting visit that provided ambassadors an invaluable experience on the aviation industry.

A mock-up cockpit of Boeing 777. Ambassador pretended to be ground staff to handle customers’ enquiry.
A mock-up cockpit of airbus A330-300. Ambassadors took a group photo after the visit.


EMYA Visit Castle Peak Power Station 24 Aug 2016

Ensuring safe and reliable supply of electricity in Hong Kong is one of the many regulatory roles of EMSD. On 24 August, we have arranged a guided tour at Castle Peak Power Station (CPSS) for over 20 E&M Young Ambassadors, with an aim to understand the process of generation of electricity.

China Light & Power (CLP), one of the two electricity companies that has supplied electricity to the city since 1901, have three power stations situated in Castle Peak, Lung Kwu Tan, and Penny’s Bay. Among the three power stations, the one in Castle Peak commenced its services the earliest and has the highest generation.

The first stop of the visit is ElectriCity, a gallery with plentiful information of CLP and electricity. Our tour guide Ms. Kammy Ho introduced CPSS as one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world covering a total area of 62 hectares – an equivalence of 86 standard football stadiums. With the use of coal from Indonesia and Australia, CPSS generates 4,108 megawatts (MW) per year at maximum, enough to power to 400 million compact fluorescent lamps. Natural gas and ultra-low sulphur diesel are also used as backup fuels for electricity generation. Environmental Protection is also another remarkable achievement of CPSS. Despite of the increasing generation, the carbon emission keeps decreasing as a result of the adoption of air purifying facilities, including the precipitator and flue gas desulphurization device.

Our Ambassadors continued their visit to the turbine hall, in which an enormous turbine is situated. Ms. Ho explained the use of coal in generating electricity. Generally, coal, water, a coal mill, a turbine, a boiler, and a generator are needed. Coal is ground into pieces and burned, generating heat that boils the water and thus producing steam to drive the turbine, which in turn drives the generator and produce electricity. Waste smoke inside the turbine would only be emitted after purified. This large machine caught the attention of our Ambassadors and they took many photos at the turbine hall.

The last part of the visit is a bus tour that shows the plentiful facilities in CPSS: coal storage, oil tanks, water tanks, natural gas pipes, and electric towers.

We sincerely thank CLP for arranging a meaningful tour to let our Ambassadors to acquire a more comprehensive understanding on electricity supply, purification of air pollutants, and the use of renewable energy.

Ms. Kammy Ho introduced CPSS. Our ambassador found the game “Power Supply” very interesting.
Our Ambassadors took photo outside ElectriCity. Ms. Ho explained the process of coal grinning.
The large turbine in CPSS.
Coal storage in CPSS with the capacity of 1 million tonnes. Coal is delivered twice a week. They are compressed for increasing storage space and avoiding air entering to prevent the outbreak of fire. A tank of ultra low sulphur diesel. Diesel serves only as a backup fuel as the generation of electricity by diesel costs much and imposes greater harm to the environment. The wall outside the tank prevents oil leakage.
Electric towers of 400,000 voltages. Ms. Ho pointed out that the electricity generated from the power station has to undergo transformation before supplying to the public.


EMYA Visit Kowloon Bay Depot of MTR 16 & 22 Aug 2016

Travelling by MTR has become a part of our daily life but to what extent do we understand this transport? How are the trains repaired? What does MTRC do? Our Ambassadors were invited to visit Kowloon Bay Depot of MTRC to find out our Department’s role in regulating railway safety and the works of MTR.

Kowloon Bay Depot is mainly responsible for monitoring and repairing the trains operating in Kwun Tong Line and Tseung Kwan O Line. It is located next to the MTR Headquarters Building, where our E&M Ambassadors attended a short talk delivered by Mr. Tse Lok-him, Senior Engineer of EMSD. Within the 15-minutes talk Mr. Tse shared with our Ambassadors the regulatory works of EMSD on railway safety. These include the investigation of railway accidents, evaluation and approval of new railway projects, and handling enquiries on and the promotion of railway safety. Two video clips about railway safety also caught the appeal of the Ambassadors.

Following by the talk was a briefing session led by Mr. Matthew Tsang, an engineer from MTR, who introduced the railway fleet composing train cars imported from various countries, including UK, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China. He also explained the process of train maintenance, which includes both repair of small components and inspection of large rolling stocks.

The Ambassadors continued their visit to the depot under the guidance of Mr. Tsang. They were introduced different components of the train cars, such as wheels, door-controlling device, and the power supply on the top of the car. Most of these components, though invisible during the passage, are very important for the normal running of the trains. For example, a water-pipe like device with holes on the two sides that especially caught the attention of our Ambassadors is actually a door-controlling device.

The Ambassadors followed Mr. Tsang to visit the maintenance workshop and the control centre. Many of our Ambassadors noticed the circular plates hanging on the underbody of the train. In fact, these signs indicate that the train is under maintenance; without approval other working teams could not get on the train. The traffic of these trains is coordinated by the team working in control centre. There is a huge electronic board in the centre showing the train movement; next to the board are monitors showing the trains currently running along Kwun Tong Line.

We thank MTRC for organising such a comprehensive and interesting tour guide for our Ambassadors. Railway safety and trains are closely related to our daily life; we do hope our Ambassadors to be benefited from the visit.

Out E&M Young Ambassadors watched video clips to learn more about railway safety. Mr. Matthew Tsang, engineer of MTRC, introduced the fleet of passenger trains.
Ambassadors taking group photos after the talk and the visit.


EMYA Visit Hong Kong Observatory 12 Aug 2016

Established in 1883, Hong Kong Observatory has been playing a vital role for more than 130 years in weather forecast, as well as issuing relevant weather warnings. The building at the Headquarters, built in 1883 and situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, is known as 1883 Building.

Our E&M Young Ambassador visited the Observatory on 12 August. Our ambassadors first attended a talk on climate change from Mr. Sham Fu-cheung, Chief Experimental Officer of the Observatory. Mr. Sham indicated that under the combined effects of global warming and local urbanization, the number of hot nights and very hot days has increased significantly. Extreme precipitation events have become more frequent as well. Apart from promoting public education activities, the government has implemented a series of policies and actions of mitigation and adaptation in combating climate change. We, as a citizen of the planet, should also take matters into our own hands and protect the environment.

Ambassadors continued to visit the Exhibition Hall under the guidance of Mr. Chan Wing-hang, Experimental Officer of the Observatory. The track of typhoon Nida in early August once aroused great concern. In view of this, the tour guide especially introduced the use of anemometer and classification of typhoon cyclone, remarking that in the time of limited communication channels, the Observatory had to hoist large tropical cyclone signal marks at Signal Hill in Kowloon, in order to let the citizens, especially the fishermen, know the latest information of tropical cyclone. Mr. Chan also shared with us some interesting facts about tropical cyclone。

Ambassadors followed Mr. Chan to visit the lawn. They were introduced the elegantly designed 1883 Building, a declared monument in Hong Kong. The outdoor old typhoon cyclone signal marks also attracted visitors to take many photos.

We sincerely thank the Hong Kong Observatory for their arrangement of such a meaningful visit. We hope that the visit could enhance EMYA members’ awareness of climate change and interest of meteorology.

Mr. Sham Fu-cheung, Chief Experimental Officer of the Observatory, delivered a talk on climate change.
The tour guide explained the classification of typhoon cyclone, typhoon cyclone signals, anemometer and wind vane.
The 1883 Building is a declared monument. Staff of the Observatory and members of EMYA took a group photo.

E&M Young Ambassador Scheme: Visit to EMSD Headquarter Building and ZCB 12 Jul 2016

The EMSD Headquarter Building and ZCB are both representative green buildings in east Kowloon. To enhance students’ knowledge in Liberal Studies, over 50 EMYA members from senior secondary schools visited the EMSD Headquarter Building and ZCB on 12 July to understand the features of green buildings.

The EMSD Headquarter Building – the first stop of the visit – was renovated as a new and green building through the strategy of “Revitalisation.” Originally ex-HACTL2 Building of Kai Tak Airport, this Headquarter Building stopped its operation following the opening of the Hong Kong International Airport on the Lantau. Having been inspired by the principle of sustainable development, which encourages the reduction of construction waste, the government began to convert this building into the new EMSD Headquarter Building, with a number of energy-saving facilities such as Solar PV panels, Sun-pipes, and double-glazed windows etc. installed to reduce the use of energy in lighting and air-conditioning.

Students continued their visit at ZCB, a building surrounded by a plenty of industrial-commercial buildings as well as a piece of urban native woodland covering 2,000 sq. m2, in which over 220 trees of 40 species are planted. The design of the woodland emulates natural woodland for improving air quality and providing food and shelter to natural wildlife into the city.

Staff from ZCB also shared our EMYA student members the adoption of “Passive Design” and “Active Systems.” The incorporation of the use of solar and wind power in building orientation, window placement, skylight installation, insulation, and building materials is beneficial for the adjustment of temperature and lighting. Such design and systems result in a 20% energy saving compared to a similar building of the current standard design

Students took photo at the rooftop viewing gallery of the EMSD Headquarter Building. Tour guide from ZCB explained to students the uses and advantages of Solar PV panels.
Tour guide from ZCB introduced the urban natural woodland. Students took photos after visiting ZCB.


“Pathway to Enrichment Project” of School Partnership Scheme: Career Day 9 Jul 2016

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) joined the Career Day under the “Pathway to Enrichment Project” of School Partnership Scheme. Our staff introduced to teachers, parents, and students our works and the various training programmes so as to encourage students to join the E&M trade. Meanwhile, we took the chance to promote the E&M Young Ambassador Scheme.

The Career Day, co-organised by the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, took place at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 9 July 2016. In the expo our staff enthusiastically shared with students their training experience and potential career path in the E&M industry. Having gained a basic understanding to the E&M trade, students eagerly signed up as E&M Young Ambassador before leaving our booth.

We sincerely thank for the support of all participants and hope that the Career Day helped arouse students’ interest in joining the E&M trade

Our engineering colleagues shared with participating students the career development and training experience in E&M trade Our colleagues introduced students the Engineering Graduate Training Scheme
Our colleagues assisted student participants to join the E&M Young Ambassador Scheme


E&M Young Ambassador Scheme: Visit to the Headquarter Building of EMSD 5 Jul 2016

Trade and Industry Tower (“TI Tower”) in Kai Tak Development Area is a brand-new featured green building in East Kowloon. To arouse students’ understanding in green technology, the E&M Young Ambassador Scheme invited about 40 EMYA members from senior secondary schools to visit the tower in 5 July 2016. The tour aimed at enhancing students’ understanding to the energy-saving facilities in the building, establishing communication with our engineer graduates, and attending an energy-efficiency talk.

The visit began with a briefing by the tour guide of the BEAM Plus Platinum-rated tower. The tour continued with the introduction energy-saving facilities inside the building, such as the automatic speed reduction for escalator and the automatic monitoring system for carpark ventilation.

The second part of the visit was a sharing session by our engineer graduates who clearly explained the use of solar-energy technology and renewable energy in Hong Kong. Staff from Energy Efficiency Office concluded the visit by delivering an energy-saving talk to students.

We wholeheartedly thank students for their participation in our activity and the industrious effort paid by staff from TI Tower. We hope students could be aroused in the participation of environmental-protection in the future.

Introduction of the automatic speed reduction of escalator. This feature saves energy by slowing down the escalator when there is no passenger Introduction of the working principle of sun-pipe
Sharing session by engineer graduates Our EMYA members took photos with the engineer graduates at the end of the visit

Education & Career Expo 2016 – 28 to 31 Jan 2016

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, together with the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Trade Promotion Working Group, joined the Education & Career Expo 2016 to promote the E&M industry as well as to encourage teenagers to enter the industry. A booth was set up to introduce various programmes launched by EMSD, including the E&M Young Ambassador Programme, Engineering Graduate Training Scheme, and Technician Training Scheme to visitors.

During the exhibition, students, parents, and members of the public visited our booth to understand ways to enter the industry. We have taken this opportunity to invite visitors to become our E&M young ambassadors so as to share with them updates from EMSD and the E&M industry. Over a hundred visitors have signed up as our ambassadors and we hope they could become tomorrow’s stars in the E&M industry.

Technician Trainees introduced their works and E&M Young Ambassador Programme to the visitors. Students applied to become E&M young ambassadors.
EMSD staff shared with visitors their training and work experience.

A Journey of Green Technology: a Day Trip to Science Park 10 Jan 2016

Situated next to Tolo Harbour, Science Park is equipped with various facilities including 26 state-of-the-art buildings, exhibition centres Green Concepts and Professor Charles K. Kao: The Father of Fibre Optic Communications Showcase, and a waterfront promenade offering a spectacular view of the harbour to promote scientific learning to its visitors. A day trip to Science Park was organized on 10 January 2016 with the participation of over 300 young ambassadors, parents, and teachers.

The visit covered two themes: green issues and technology development. In response to the development of Green technology, which is one of the five main clusters of technologies promoted by Science Park, buildings in the park are equipped with energy-saving facilities. Our tour guides introduced some featured energy-saving facilities to the EMYA members and toured around the green buildings with them. EMYA members were invited to watch the “New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition and an exhibition on electric vehicles (EV). They were introduced the benefits of using renewable energy and EV like relieving air pollution and saving of fuel cost.

Another highlight of the activity was to visit Professor Charles K. Kao: The Father of Fibre Optic Communications Showcase. The popular use of fibre optic facilitates communication and enhances interpersonal interaction. Professor Kao, known as the “Father of Fibre Optic Communications,” was even awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in recognition of his contribution to global communications. Our tour guides shared the benefits and applications of fibre optic, as well as the experience of Professor Kao.

We sincerely thank all EMYA members for their participation and support.

EMYA members visited Professor Charles K. Kao: The Father of Fibre Optic Communications Showcase.
Participants of the Solar Car Competition introduced their solar cars to our young ambassadors
EMYA members presented their ideal green buildings to the tour guides.
EMYA members and tour guides and colleagues from EMSD took group photos.

“A Journey on Green Technology: a One-day Visit to Science Park (10 Jan 2016)” is now opening for application!

Situated next to Tolo Harbour, Science Park is equipped with various facilities including 26 state-of-the-art buildings, exhibition centres Green Concepts and Professor Charles K. Kao: The Father of Fibre Optic Communications Showcase, and a waterfront promenade offering a spectacular view of the harbour to promote scientific learning to its visitors.

To allow E&M Young Ambassadors to gain more understanding to the latest development of green technology, you are now cordially invited to join our one-day visit to Science Park. The visit covers a wide range of activities such as a guided tour to the exhibition centres, attending the “New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition, an exhibition on electric vehicles, and a treasure hunt in Science Park.

Ambassadors who are interested to join are welcomed to submit the completed application form by e-mail or fax. Application is free. Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. We look forward to seeing you at Science Park!

Research Buildings at Science Park Green Concepts: the exhibition centre at Science Park
Professor Charles K. Kao: The Father of Fibre Optic Communications Showcase Solar Cars designed by secondary and tertiary schools’ students will compete with each other at Science Park.

Eco Expo Asia 2015 – 28 to 31 Oct 2015

One of the aims of the EMYA scheme is to enhance teenagers’ knowledge on energy-efficiency issues. To further promote the EMYA scheme, EMSD has invited teenagers who are interested in environmental protection and energy-efficiency to become our E&M Young Ambassador on the “Public Day” of Eco Expo Asia 2015.

Being a reputable green-tech exhibition in Hong Kong, Eco Expo Asia gathers about 300 exhibitions from over 10 countries and regions to share with visitors their experience and latest development in green technology and environmental protection. To show our support to this green event, EMSD has set up a booth to present our work in promoting energy-efficiency. The highlight of our promotion for this year is the “Youth Energy Saving Award (YESA)” jointly-organised with the Environment Bureau for teenagers of 25 or below. While we were introducing YESA, we also took this chance to encourage students to become our E&M Young Ambassador.

Over 100 members were successfully recruited in this event. We would keep in touch with our ambassadors and encourage them to share the knowledge of E&M safety and energy-efficiency with their relatives and friends.

Engineers of EMSD introduced “Youth Energy Saving Award” to visitors and encouraged them to become E&M Youth Ambassador.

Young Ambassadors Take Part in “Energy Saving for All” Youth Competitions Launching Ceremony

To enhance teenagers’ understanding of environmental protection and energy efficiency issues, we invited E&M Young Ambassadors to attend the “Energy Saving for All” youth competitions launching ceremony organised by Environment Bureau and EMSD on 6 July 2015. The ceremony took place at EMSD Headquarters, where the Young Ambassadors represented the competition organisers to deliver a welcome speech and joined the sponsors to encourage participation in the contests.

A total of 23 Young Ambassadors participated in the ceremony. They first visited the exhibition gallery of the Education Path in EMSD Headquarters. Through interactive exhibits in the gallery, they learned about energy issues, the development of renewable energy, and energy saving methods in daily life.

We also invited two Young Ambassadors, CHAN Ching and Samuel HO, to deliver a welcome speech on behalf of the competition organisers. Having taken part in a local talent competition, they applied their public speaking talents to introducing the two competitions, namely the “Youth Energy Saving Award” and the "New Energy New Generation" Solar Car Competition in a vivid and lively manner. The other 21 Young Ambassadors, in colorful T-shirts, posed for a group photo with the competition sponsors and “Hanson”, the mascot of energy saving.

Also on display that day was “SOPHIE V”, the fifth-generation solar-powered electric car developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Our Young Ambassadors and over 100 teenagers at the ceremony were excited to see the vehicle at close range and watched a demo drive at the EMSD Headquarters piazza.

The ceremony raised participating Young Ambassadors’ awareness of the importance of energy saving and renewable energy. We also asked them to spread the message to family and friends. We would like to thank all participating Young Ambassadors for helping to make the ceremony a success and solicit all Young Ambassadors’ continual support to the “Energy Saving for All” campaign and to take part in the youth competitions.

Young Ambassadors CHAN Ching (left) and Samuel HO (right) of HKUGA Primary School delivering welcome speech on behalf of the organiser of the competitions Young Ambassadors, the Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Mr Vincent Liu (middle row, sixth left), the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr Frank Chan (middle row, fifth right), and sponsors of the competitions
SOPHIE V, the fifth-generation solar-powered electric car developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Presentation of certificates to Young Ambassadors to thank their support of the Ceremony


Youth Energy Saving Award


“New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition

A Major Outreach Activity of E&M Young Ambassador Programme Concludes Successfully

On May 15, over 330 teachers and students from eight secondary schools attended a major outreach activity of the EMYA Programme organized by EMSD.

There were two main parts of the outreach activity: first, students attended a talk on amusement ride safety delivered by the engineer team from EMSD. The talk covered the basic information of the Ferris wheel and considerations on its operation like emergency measures to be taken for accidents (e.g. suspension of electricity supply, strong wind, equipment fault, and fire etc.). Students were then arranged to ride on the Ferris wheel to closely observe its structure and operation.

The second part of the activity was to participate in the “Energy Saving for All” Launching Ceremony jointly organized by Environment Bureau and the Energy Efficiency Office of EMSD. The “Energy Saving for All” campaign includes the Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature, the launching of “Energy Saving for All” website, “New Energy New Generation” Solar Car Competition, Youth Energy Saving Award, and a promotional video for the campaign. Four of our young ambassadors and two engineering graduates of EMSD also shared tips on energy saving with audiences. Through the videos, sharing and drama, messages on energy saving like using fans instead of air-conditioners, switching off unused electrical appliances, avoiding electrical appliances to consume standby power, and using energy-efficient devices were delivered to students. We hope that they would deliver related messages to relatives and friends so as to make Hong Kong a more safe and energy-efficient city.

An engineer and a helper of EMSD explaining amusement ride safety to students.
Students and teachers after riding the Ferris wheel.
Young ambassadors and engineering graduates of EMSD sharing with audience tips on energy saving. Young ambassadors receiving certificates for their sharing of energy saving tips.


Microfilm Competition: Life Pieces of the Electrical and Mechanical Industry

Only Chinese version is available.

Please click here for Chinese version.


The E&M Safety Campaign 2014 – Talent Competition

Talent Competition is part of the E&M Safety Campaign 2014, which aims at enhancing youngsters’ understanding of E&M safety as well as energy efficiency. Through an impartial and rigorous adjudication process, the competition results have been announced as follows:

Champion Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School
First runner-up Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten
Second runner-up Shatin Tsung Tsin School
Jordan Road Government Primary School

Their winning entries are now available at EMSD YouTube Channel.


E&M Safety Carnival 2014 - 6 & 7 Dec 2014

Riding on the success of EMSD Open Day 2014, EMSD together with other E&M organizations jointly held the E&M Safety Carnival 2014 at the Fa Hui Park on 6 & 7 December 2014.  Through a series of entertaining and educational activities, the Carnival brought the messages of E&M safety and energy efficiency into the community.  We have introduced the EMYA scheme and successfully recruited over 200 new Young Ambassadors through the EMYA recruitment counter at the Carnival.  Our thanks go to all co-organizing E&M organizations and Young Ambassadors for their efforts in making the Carnival a great success.

Young Ambassador Tony WONG (SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School) delivering opening speech on behalf of Permanent Secretary for the Environment / Director of Environmental Protection, Ms Anissa WONG Sean-yee, JP Young Ambassador CHO Wing-yin (PLK Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School) delivering welcome speech on behalf of Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr. CHAN Fan, JP
Carnival booths attracted many visitors EMYA recruitment counter


EMSD Open Day 2014 - 1 & 2 Nov 2014

EMSD Open Day 2014 was held at EMSD Headquarters, Kowloon Bay, on 1 & 2 November 2014. With the main theme “We Serve We Care”, the objective of the Open Day was to let the public understand more about our E&M engineering services. We had set up a recruitment counter at the Open Day to introduce the EMYA scheme to visitors, and successfully recruited over 300 new Young Ambassadors. We will continue to communicate closely with the Young Ambassadors and regularly organize various activities for them, with a view to enhancing their knowledge on E&M safety, energy efficiency, and E&M engineering development.

Open Day launch ceremony Teachers and Students from Telford Gardens Kindergarten and the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services
Demonstration of E&M instruments EMYA recruitment counter


“Energy Label Net” Launched

Young Ambassadors may know that energy labels are currently mandatory for five product types under the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme: room air coolers, refrigerating appliances, compact florescent lamps washing machines and dehumidifiers.

EMSD has launched a new “Energy Label Net” website that is dedicated to providing information on energy labels. Browse to learn more about energy labels, and use the site to search energy efficient product models that match your requirements. Also try the online quiz and games for learning and fun!



Commemorative Stamps and Booklet

Ensuring electrical safety is one of EMSD's work areas. We recently published a Chinese booklet called “100 Years Serving Hong Kong” to mark the centenary of the Electricity Ordinance in Hong Kong. The booklet comes with a set of 12 nos. of commemorative stamps, each of which is good for mailing a first class local letter of the minimum weight step (30g) in Hong Kong.

The booklet with stamps is now available to our Ambassadors. Registered Ambassadors may collect this small souvenir at the Customer Services Office, ground floor of the EMSD headquarters building at 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon from May 2012 to July 2012, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:15pm (except public holiday), on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. Each Ambassador may get only one booklet. Please call 2808 3391 to double check there is stock available before coming for collection.

We hope you will find the booklet useful and enjoyable.


“E&M Young Ambassador Fun Trip” Experience Sharing

The “E&M Young Ambassador Fun Trip” quiz was successfully held in March 2012 and some participants have sent us their reflections and experiences gained from the Ocean Park visit made in early April. In the attached articles, they share with us their observations of how the Park has used various measures to ensure E&M and amusement ride safety and enhance energy efficiency. Enjoy the articles.



Take the Quiz and Win a Fun Trip!

EMSD has launched another online campaign, a quiz for the E&M Young Ambassador Fun Trip , as part of our ongoing effort to promote E&M safety and energy efficiency.

Winners will have the opportunity to visit Ocean Park to get to know more about the safe operation of its amusement rides and energy efficiency practices. In addition, winners who complete the trip and submit a written reflection will receive a certificate issued by EMSD.

Only registered “E&M Young Ambassadors” may participate. If you are not yet an “E&M Young Ambassador”, click here to register and take the quiz.

Act now as prizes are limited. We look forward to seeing you!


Electric Vehicles and Charging Facilities Exhibition

Interested in electric vehicles but never had a chance to take a close look? Come to our Exhibition on Electric Vehicles and Charging Facilities on 24 and 25 October 2011 at the Hong Kong Science Park to find out what the next generation of e-motoring is like.

The Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department is organising the “Electric Vehicles – Driving Towards a Greener Hong Kong ” exhibition of electric vehicles and charging facilities. On display will be passenger vehicles, vans, trucks and buses as well as motorcycles and scooters, with the latest models from major manufacturers. The power companies and charging facility suppliers will also showcase charging facilities which provide the infrastructure for the wider use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong . (Click here for event details)

Admission is free, so bring your family and friends. See you there!


Online E&M Campaign with Prizes

EMSD has launched an online “E&M Campaign” to boost teenagers' knowledge of E&M safety and energy efficiency, with our “E&M Safety and Energy Efficiency Liberal Studies Teaching Kit” suited to the new senior secondary curriculum as prizes.

Only those registered as “E&M Young Ambassador” may join. If you are not yet an “E&M Young Ambassador”, click here to register and then join the campaign.

Act now as prizes are limited!


education kiteducation kiteducation kiteducation kit
Education Kit Published

Liberal Studies Education Kit on “Electrical & Mechanical Safety and Energy Efficiency”

Young Ambassadors will be pleased to know that EMSD has published a Liberal Studies Education Kit for the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. The kit consists of four booklets covering electrical and mechanical safety, energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy efficiency buildings, with useful materials arranged in a user-friendly manner to help both teachers and students approach the subject.

Please click here to download a soft copy of the Education Kit.


New “Energyland” Website Launched

We have launched a new “Energyland” website on everything you need to know about energy and energy efficiency.

Just click http://www.energyland.emsd.gov.hk/en/home/index.html to find lots of useful information on energy and energy efficiency relating to appliances and equipment, buildings, transport, energy and carbon audits, and much more.

Don't forget to visit the Fun Zone too, and enjoy the games, e-cards and e-calendar!


“Engineering Week Carnival 2011”

Sunday, 13 March, Macpherson Playground, Mongkok, 1-5pm

Young Ambassadors are invited to the Hong Kong Engineering Week Carnival 2011 on 13 March at Macpherson Playground in Mongkok on Sunday, 13 March from 1pm to 5pm. Bring your friends and family along to enjoy an afternoon of booth games, get prizes, and learn more about the engineering profession. Young Ambassadors who come to the Carnival will also get a special, limited-edition souvenir at EMSD's booth!

The Hong Kong Engineering Week 2011 is jointly organised by eight organisations comprising professional engineering institutions, universities and EMSD. The Engineering Week 2011, with the theme of “Bringing Engineering to Life”, aims to highlight the collective contribution of various engineering professions and to promote them as disciplines for the good of the community of Hong Kong . It also aims to attract more young people to the engineering profession, so as to ensure continuous engineering excellence and drive the world forward.

This Carnival will be the finale event of the Hong Kong Engineering Week 2011 , with a closing ceremony at 4pm where prizes of various competitions held during the Engineering Week will be presented.

Admission is free. Do join us for a day of fun and the opportunity to mingle with engineers. See you there!


New "Electricity Information Corner" has been launched, please click here.

Once registered, you will be invited to take part in our on-line training on E&M safety and energy efficiency topics, including a fun on-line quiz where you may compete with fellow Ambassadors.

Others coming activities include the EMSD Open Day this August, and the E&M Safety Carnival this November. Details will be announced in due course.


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