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About the Scheme

This Scheme is organised by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) to empower youngsters to become ambassadors of EMSD and help promote -E&M safety, energy efficiency, and E&M engineering development in their daily lives.

A key role of EMSD is to provide regulatory services to promote and ensure a high level of E&M safety and energy efficiency in Hong Kong. These areas cover electrical and gas safety; lift, escalator and amusement rides safety; railway safety; energy efficiency and the wider use of renewable energy.

EMSD also offer customer-focused and engineering services through the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund (EMSTF) to over 100 government departments and public organisations. EMSTF endeavors to becoming the trade model, with a view to promoting the development of the E&M engineering trade in Hong Kong.

This Scheme is EMSD’s initiative tailored for children and teenagers between 6-21 years of age. We hope that by equipping our Ambassadors with solid knowledge of E&M safety, energy efficiency and E&M engineering, they can help us spread the word and best practices to friends and families, so as to promote development of the E&M trade and let Hong Kong become a safer and more energy efficient place.

Aims of Scheme
The Scheme aims to:
Enhance our youngsters in their knowledge of E&M safety, energy efficiency and E&M engineering.
Empower a team of dynamic young citizens to help promote E&M safety, energy efficiency and E&M engineering in the community.